Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to conquer the Munster Monster??  A fantastic experience whilst participating in a professionally organised adventure challenge event in a superb scenic Munster setting incorporating Boggeragh's highest peak - Mushra More - that will be remembered forever.  You will have a fantastic experience in breath taking scenic Munster that will stay with you forever ......... plus a few other goodies!!!

Included in the package are as follows:


Free entry for all spectators


MonsterMAC EXPERT (71km): Race Starts at 10 AM

Bikes must be racked at TA1 (Adjacent to Race Car Parking) by 9.40am when EXPERT Race Briefing will take place


BigMAC SPORT (38km): Sport Race Starts at 11.00

Bikes must be racked at TA1 (Adjacent to Race Car Parking) by 10.40 when SPORT Race Briefing will take place


MiniMAC (20km): Race Starts at 11.45AM

Bikes must be racked at TA1 (Adjacent to Race Car Parking) by 11.25am when MiniMAC Race Briefing will take placeRACE Sign On













01/01/15 to 28/02/15 – Early Bird








01/03/15 to 24/04/15 – Regular







**** Register Here ****

On-line Race Registration Closed at Midnight on Friday 24th April 2015 - Limited registration will be available on the day.

Mandatory Kit:

This mandatory kit will be:

Other Items that may be required for expert race only if conditions are cold or wet:

*We’ll let you know at Race Sign On and will have notices up at the Race Start area on Saturday morning confirming whether these additional items are needed for the Expert (70km) Race – weather forecast dependent.

Penalties will be applied to anyone found not carrying the mandatory kit!

This Mandatory Kit requirement is for your safety so pleace comply in the interest of safety and fairness for all participants.